Los chichos - son ilusiones

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When Diaboromon threatens the world with the Peace Keeper , WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon both of them can't defeat it and almost pound to death. In the last ditch effort, they combine together with the power of all those who are watching their fight through the Internet . Omnimon quickly clears the Diaboromon clones and takes out the true Diaboromon, which holds the timer for the nuclear missiles. Our War Game! These events are referenced when Ryo is called upon to take care of a rogue Diaboromon copy Tag Tamers , as well as brought up by Izzy when the new DigiDestined discover the ability to DNA digivolve as well. Fusion Confusion

Los Chichos - Son IlusionesLos Chichos - Son IlusionesLos Chichos - Son IlusionesLos Chichos - Son Ilusiones